Accounting, Financial, Banking Courses - Core

Accounting, Financial, Banking Courses

Accounting, Financial, Banking Courses
Administrative and Financial Control in Cases of Financial and administrative Corruption Course
Advanced Skills in Documentary Credits and Letters of Credit Course
Advanced Techniques in Detecting Money Laundering and Fraud in the Financial statements Course
Budgeting, implementing and evaluating projects with Build–Operate–Transfer (BOT) System Course
Diploma of Certified Government Accountant
Financial Accounting for Petroleum and Methods of Costing Course
Intensive Program in Finance for Non-financial Leaders
International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) Course
Modern Approach of Financial Planning and Preparation of Estimated Budgets Course
Investment Risk management and Securities Course
Measuring and Evaluating the Efficiency of Financial Performance and Financial Risk Management Course
Modern Foundations of Financial Accounting and Processing of Procurements and Warehouses Course
Modern Methodologies of Preparing Final Accounts in accordance with International Standards Course
Modern Methods of Economic Feasibility Study Course
Modern Methods of Rationalization of Expenditure and Cost Reduction Course
Preparation of Financial Reports and Analysis and Financial Scrutiny in Government Sectors Course
Preparing and Drafting Effective Financial Reports Course
Recent Processes of Auditing and Inspecting the Internal Control Systems Course
Professional Diploma in Finance for Accountants and Auditors Course
Recent Trends for Effective Internal Audit and Review Course
Modern Approach to Analyze the Financial Statements in accordance with International Standards Course