Common Questions

Common Questions

It’s very easy. This can be done in two steps:, you can log in the link of the registration

Yes, you can join the training course individually in direct coordination with the Company Management Training Unit and registering through the Company registration form.

Yes, it can. A special course is designed to the specific needs of the organization.

Yes, this can be done in concert with other members of the group.

The normal time of the training course  is from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., interspersed with a break and ends with a lunch.

Yes, this can be done in coordination with the rest of the group, however, the priority is for those who want to continue the course on time.

Yes, the minimum attendance of the training course  is 75% of the net training course time, and in the case of attendance is less than this period, the Certificate of Participation is within the period of attendance. To be familiar with the criteria for a participant evaluation.

The official working hours of the company are during the official working hours, that is, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except on Saturday it is  to 2 p.m., while Sunday is an official holiday.

The company’s working time in Blessed Ramadan is from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day, except on Saturday it is  to 3 p.m., and Sunday is an official holiday.

Yes, that’s perfectly possible. The phone number mentioned on the website pages is to receive your calls at any time, either during the official working period or outside the official working hours, including the official holiday on Sunday.

The language of the training course is English, and the same programs can be performed in Arabic or Turkish language as requested by participant and with prior coordination with the company.

You can be helped to get to the training course location of implementation in the first day of the course and give you all the necessary information through connecting the company team with you continuously until you reach the training room.

Any training course that can be carried out in a long or short period, starting from two days to periods lasting for six months, by designing according to the need of the participant through two methods, either control the contents of the course by deleting, adding or modifying, or in terms of condensation, focusing, or shortening for content.

Yes, this could be done through early coordination of the course in different states, with a minimum of four participants in the one training course.

Accompanying tourist programs can be provided in case of large numbers, and there are separate tourist services from training courses that can be found in our tourist services at very appropriate and non-profit costs.

This does not entail any financial commitments, but the filling of the registration form is considered as a signal and a preliminary indicator of the request for a training course, after this step is done, the communicating, coordinating and responding to incomplete queries will be conducted. An  official letter of nomination, sealed by the nominating organization, will be sent.

The main services of Core Consulting & Training Company are the provision of highly professionally training courses as well as administrative, marketing, financial, legal and economic consultancy.

The training course usually starts on Saturday and ends on Wednesday for five-day training courses, while the participant can choose early the special course when it suits him, especially the training packages.

In Core Company, there is a very suitable existing quotation for the training packages and can be found on the course costs item in the registration system.

The cost includes instructor fees, practical material, practical applications, certificate and reception to and from the airport, the training room, the break and lunch during the course of the internship training course and can be found in detail in the course cost link.

We are keen to have the participants live close to our training room or in Taksim or Sisli in Istanbul and so on in every city where the training course is held, however, in the case of training packages the coordination will be done to hold the training course in the same hotel of accommodation.

You can visit the consulting sectors and advisory services page on the homepage and see in detail all the areas provided.

In principle, we can do this by contacting the company’s consulting sector via email:, then on the light of this contact, an interview is proposed to meet the decision maker in the institution; the initial assessment of the challenges that must be resolved or the ambitions that must be achieved is performed, hence our consultancy quotations are presented.

In some advisory areas, costs are almost as stereotypical based on the size of the institutions and the outcome of the consultant’s examination and his recommendations. Nevertheless, the bulk of the consultancy work depends on many and multiple factors which are difficult to be detailed in, with  visits and debates many detailed things will be clarified. The most important thing is the honesty and the liability of the consulting entity  provided the service.

In case the company is outside the State of Turkey, the initial assessment costs are only the tickets and accommodation at a five-star hotel for the consultant with comprehensive coverage of living and internal mobility for the evaluation process.

The maximum period that the company grants to the assessment process is a maximum of three days that must be set at Core Consulting & Training Company.

It is a process of examining and investigating what the customer sees first and then in areas that the consultant believes they are important, if the party agrees and its desire to conduct a proper examination and analysis.