NOThe Name Of The CourseDurationCourse ContentRequest
1Assessing and Measuring the Return on Training Course5PDFRequest
2Advanced Human Resources Management and Linking the Training and Career Paths Course5PDFRequest
3Creating Organizational Culture and Building Institutional Loyalty Course5PDFRequest
4Certified Professional Trainer “Training of Trainers” T.O.T Course
5 Identifying Training Needs and Preparing Training Plan Course5PDFRequest
6Integrated Management of the Modern Training Process Course5PDFRequest
7Interviewing, Selection and Recruitment Skills Course5PDFRequest
8Modern Methodologies in the Development of Human Resources Systems Course5PDFRequest
9Modern Skills of Competency- based Training Course5PDFRequest
10Modern Strategies in Human Resources Training and Development Course5PDFRequest
11Preparing and Rehabilitating the Human Resources and Training Specialist and Coordinator Course5PDFRequest
12Recent Trends in Human Resources Management Course5PDFRequest
13Re-engineering Human Resources Course5PDFRequest
14Skills of Preparation and Development of the Organizational Structures and Manuals Course5PDFRequest
15Policymaking and Preparation of Human Resources Procedures in Institutions Course5PDFRequest

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