NOThe Name Of The CourseDurationCourse ContentRequest Of Proposal
1Introduction to Drilling Engineering Cours5PDFRequest
2Risk Assessment & Incident Investigation Course5PDFRequest
3Pipeline Inspection and Testing Course5PDFRequest
4Wellsite Operations Management Course5PDFRequest
5API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector Course5PDFRequest
6Corrosion Control in Oil & Gas Industry Course5PDFRequest
Petroleum Tanks Measurement Course5PDFRequest
8Well Production Enhancement Course5PDFRequest
9Well Completion and Well Testing Course5PDFRequest
10Design & Construction of Petroleum Pipelines Course5PDFRequest
11Advanced Reservoir Management Course5PDFRequest
12Risk Assessment and Decision Making Course5PDFRequest
13Processing Technologies and Heavy Oil Challenges Course5PDFRequest
14Oil & Gas Risk Analysis and Management Course5PDFRequest
15Petroleum Project Management Course5PDFRequest
16Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Leader Participator Course5PDFRequest
17Mechanical Failure Analysis Course5PDFRequest
18Non-Destructive Testing Inspection and Welding Course5PDFRequest
19Safety and Occupational Health Course5PDFRequest
20 Process Measurement & Control Technology Course5PDFRequest
21Sales Metering Calibration & Operations Course5PDFRequest
22Oilfield Laboratory Equipment and Analysis Course5PDFRequest
23Carbonate Reservoirs and Seismic Characterization Course5PDFRequest
24Instrumentation and Control Systems in Oil and Gas Industry Course5PDFRequest
25Managing Wellsite Operations Course5PDFRequest
26Reservoir Modelling and Data Integration Course5PDFRequest
27 Natural Gas Processing: Dehydration, Refrigeration and Fractionation Optimization Course5PDFRequest
28Fundamentals of Asset Management Course5PDFRequest
29Maintenance Management Best Practices Course5PDFRequest
30Crude Oil Pipeline Operations Course5PDFRequest
31Asset Management Course5PDFRequest
32Coating Inspection Pipeline Course5PDFRequest
33Maintenance Management Best Practices Course5PDFRequest
34Pipelines Operations Management Course5PDFRequest
35Advanced Drilling Technology Course5PDFRequest
36Clastic Sedimentology for Exploration and Development Course5PDFRequest
37Rock Physics – Integrating Petrophysical, Geomechanical, and Seismic Measurements Course
38Cathodic Protection System in Oil & Gas Industry Course5PDFRequest
39Clastic Sedimentology for Exploration and Development Course5PDFRequest

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