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About Us


We are consulting firm international training, we seek real and tangible for the development of our partners in the public and private sector and civil society organizations anywhere in the world through a serious and harmonious international team has the knowledge, experience and skill, by focusing on the core activities and the development of visions and identify strategies and internal reorganization so as to enhance capacity and achieve goals.

Our Values



We are fully aware that the continuity and success of individuals, institutions and business development depends directly on the credibility and transparency in building a productive and successful relations. We keen on transparency and clarity in the diagnosis of the reality of institutions and situations neutrally and integrity of our conviction that a proper diagnosis of reality is based upon all the successful steps of change. Confidentiality of the analysis, delivery of the reality and the results of the analysis of their respective owners. Confidentiality of data, information, and the results of the analysis. Honest in providing solutions that we reach together with our partners.


Responsibility is the idea and the practice and culture of the industrious and contribute directly and indirectly in the consolidation in the work of our partners at various organizational levels and job sites environment. We are responsible for providing all the bases, systems and resources necessary for the success of our partners and strengthen internal capabilities and to expand the spread of their activity. Our partners are responsible for the practice and application of those agreed regulations. As we all officials shared responsibility in the face of challenges and development of systems and strengthen capacities that promote success in the business market. We identify and clarify the responsibility of all parties and make a common understanding of achievement and development


The essence of teamwork to accomplish the true spirit of partnership where we as a team believe that we are partners in the risks and partners in responsibility and partners in return. The culture of partnership with customers, which is always what we call culture term partners necessary and important work and achievement. Our relationship with our partners is the relationship of change and development in thought, regulations and practices and this cannot be achieved in the form required were not based on a real partnership in confronting the risks and achieve the success.


Weseriously strive in the Core consulting Company through building regulations and determine the criteria and indicators that strengthen the internal capacity of our partners is where to get closer to achieving justice at all organizational levels in our institutions. We and our partners whereverapproachto achieve justice more whenever we were all more stable and faster development and growing closer.


The process of change in the institutions with our partners in achieving a balance of power and authority in the organization is based in order to achieve a balance between continuity and success of business development and commitment controls and labor laws and to achieve balanced internal control.The process of balance in the division of powers and the granting of powers and responsibilities to determine is the philosophy underlying the development and expansion and the development of acts, activities, units or new branches process.

The Core

This principle represents this value as a basis for thinking and behavior, and the background is necessary for success as each of our business and our lives and our activities when we focus more on the essence of the results will be more secure and advantageous time and effort. This value is the fact that they are our company name and the Core philosophy underlying identify strategies and competitive advantages and the real value of the business in which it is determined appropriate programs and tools to achieve those goals.