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02 Aug FB -  Preparing Financial Statements and Closing Accounts
02 Aug FB - Government Budgeting Course
02 Aug FB - Administrative and Financial Control in Cases of Financial and administrative Corruption Course
02 Aug FB - Advanced Skills in Documentary Credits and Letters of Credit Course
02 Aug FB - Advanced Techniques in Detecting Money Laundering and Fraud in the Financial statements Course
02 Aug FB - Budgeting, implementing and evaluating projects with Build–Operate–Transfer (BOT) System Course
02 Aug FB - Diploma of Certified Government Accountant
02 Aug FB - Financial Accounting for Petroleum and Methods of Costing Course
02 Aug FB - Intensive Program in Finance for Non-financial Leaders
02 Aug FB -  International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) Course
02 Aug FB - Modern Approach of Financial Planning and Preparation of Estimated Budgets Course
02 Aug FB - Investment Risk management and Securities Course
02 Aug FB - Measuring and Evaluating the Efficiency of Financial Performance and Financial Risk Management Course
02 Aug FB - Modern Foundations of Financial Accounting and Processing of Procurements and Warehouses Course
02 Aug FB - Analysis and Evaluation of Economic Feasibility of Projects
02 Aug FB - Recent Processes of Auditing and Inspecting the Internal Control Systems Course
02 Aug FB - Preparing and Drafting Effective Financial Reports Course
02 Aug FB - Preparation of Financial Reports and Analysis and Financial Scrutiny in Government Sectors Course
02 Aug FB - Modern Methods of Rationalization of Expenditure and Cost Reduction Course
02 Aug FB - Modern Methods of Economic Feasibility Study Course
02 Aug FB - Modern Methodologies of Preparing Final Accounts in accordance with International Standards Course
02 Aug FB - Modern Approach to Analyze the Financial Statements in accordance with International Standards Course
02 Aug FB - Recent Trends for Effective Internal Audit and Review Course
02 Aug FB - Professional Diploma in Finance for Accountants and Auditors Course
02 Aug FB - Audit and Financial Control
02 Aug FB - Preparing Accounting Adjustments and Final Accounting Entries
02 Aug FB - Internal Audit and Control Systems
02 Aug FB - Analyzing Final Accounts and Handling Deviations with Budgets
02 Aug FB -  Developing the professional performance of accountants and auditors in accordance with international standards
02 Aug FB - Fundamentals of Rationalizing Government Spending
02 Aug FB - Financial Analysis & Strategic Planning Using the Balanced Scorecard
02 Aug FB -  Collection management accounts and credit policies
02 Aug FB -  Financial Forecasting and Planning through financial analysis
02 Aug FB -  Economic feasibility study and evaluation of projects in the government sector
02 Aug FB - Bank Reconciliations, Accounting Errors, and Accounting Inventory
02 Aug FB - Monitoring Financial Performance and Controlling Deviation
02 Aug FB - Accounting for Salaries, Wages and Benefits Using the Computer
02 Aug FB - Revenue Accounting Problems and the Role of International Accounting Standards in Developing Appropriate Solutions
02 Aug FB -  Fixed-Asset Accounting Basics
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