Fees details

The fees paid by the participant, whether personally or through the institution, cover the following costs:

  • Instructor’s fees
  • The cost of scientific material (participant’s manual) and practical applications
  • The cost of certificate from Core Consulting & Training Company
  • Training hall – five-star hotel room
  • Break with lunch during the internship course training
  • Reception to and from the airport
  • Local and Internet SIM card.

Training Packages Offers

In cases of Courses specifically designed for a training group or for a specific organization, there will be considerations from Core Consultancy and Training regarding the costs of training course as defined below:

  • From third to fifth participants, 25 % discount
  • From the sixth to the eighth participant is 30% discount.
  • From the ninth to Thirteenth participant is 40% discount.
  • From Fourteen to twenty participant is 50% discount.

Costing for groups

In case a request to design special courses for an organization or group of participants is made, the costs are determined by the group’s requirements and depend on several factors.

  • Duration of the training course
  • Language of holding the training course
  • Location of the training course
  • Accompanying Services the program, such as tourism, translation, transportations, accommodation, etc.

In case a request is made to design training courses for a longer or shorter period, special training courses can be designed by adding, deleting, or modifying the contents and area of any of them and modifying the scientific material and its applications in proportion to the time required for the training course, and the course fees is determined in accordance with the requirements and the needs of the participants.