Management Leadership and Governmental Courses - Core

Management Leadership and Governmental Courses

Achieving Leadership and Managerial Excellence in Governmental Departments and Sectors Course
The Skills of Distinguished Director in Facing Crises and Work Pressures Course
The Foundations of Modern Management, Leadership and Strategic Planning Course
Advanced Skills of New Managers (Managerial and Leadership Skills) Course
Modern Methodologies in Developing the Managerial and Leadership Skills Course
Managerial and Organizational Processes Re-engineering Course
Advanced Skills of Preparing and Writing Reports and Correspondence Course
Crisis Management and Difficult Situations Course
Change Management and Organizational Development Course
Modern Strategies in Building an Effective Work Team Course
Strategic Planning Using Balanced Scorecard Course
Diploma in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Management
Advanced Program in Corporate Governance and Institutional Development Course
Modern Approach to Succession Planning and Qualifying the ‘Second Chair’ Leadership Course
Diploma of Certified Government Manager
Creative and Analytical Thinking for Business Leadership Course
Formulating Strategy, Setting Goals and Making Policies Course
Advanced Strategies and Competencies in Management and Leadership Course
Innovative Supervision Strategies and Application of Quality and Excellence Standards Course
Diploma in Leadership Development
Advanced Leadership, Effective Management and Development of Supervisory Performance Course
Effective Strategic Planning of Petroleum Products Distribution Course
Advanced Managerial and Leadership Skills of Technical Managers Course
Social Responsibility in Modern Institutions Course
Modern Outstanding Skills and the Effectiveness of Functional and Institutional Performance Course
Excellence, Creativity and Supervision in the Management of Public Services Course
Modern Methods of Designing Performance Appraisal Systems for Employees Course

NGOS Courses
Advanced Skills of Management of Community and Charitable Institutions Course
Applications of Total Quality Management Systems (TQM) in Civil Society Organizations Course
Building and Developing Institutional performance in Civil Society Organizations Course
Launching Successful Volunteer Initiatives in NGOs Organizations Course
Management of Lobbying and Advocacy Campaigns (Advocacy) Course
Rehabilitating the Boards of Civil Society Organizations (NGOs) Course
Skills of Preparing and Financing Community Projects Course
Rehabilitation and development of Civil Society Leaders Course
Building administrative and financial systems in Charitable Institutions and Civil Society Organizations Course

Projects Management & Civil Engineering Courses
Engineering Project Management Course
Implementation, Operation and Maintenance of the Water Management System Course
Planning and Monitoring in Project Management Course
Project Management and Implementation Course
Project Management Professional (PMP)
Qualifying for the International Project Management Professional Certification of (PMP) Course
Recent Methodologies in Management and Planning of Project Maintenance Course
Strategic Management of Projects Using Microsoft Project Course
The Advanced Management Processes for Projects Course
Introduction To Auto CAD – Basic Course
Assessment of Defects in Concrete Structures Course
Construction Project Management Course

Quality Courses
Integrated Skills of Total Quality Management Systems Course
ISO9001 Total Quality Management Course
International Standards in the Quality of service the Public Course

Public Relation And Media Courses
Advanced Management of Organizing and Managing Conferences, Events and Exhibitions Course
Building a Mental Image and Strengthening Institutional Affiliation Course
Communication and Coordination Skills in Electoral Campaigns Course
Integrated Approach to Prepare the Leaders of Public Relations and Media Course
Managing International Public Relations according to Professional Ceremonial and Protocols Course
Media Handling Skills and Conducting Television Interviews Course
Modern Approach in Media and Public Relations Management Course
Skill of Management and Leadership of Electoral Campaigns Course
The Role of Public Relations and Media in the Internal Communication of Institutions Course

Secretarial And Offices Management Courses
Etiquette and Attitude Handling Critical in Office Management Course
Executive Secretariat and Contemporary Office Management Course
Managerial and Supervisory Skills of Contemporary Office Managers Course
Modern Strategies for Office Managers Senior Leadership and Management Course
Modern Techniques of Drafting and Preparing Reports and Internal and External Correspondence Course
Technology of Indexing, Archiving, Saving and Securing of Electronic Information Course